Hi, I'm Emm. Guess what? I like books! I also have a potty mouth so, consider yourself notified. Review Style: I'm not a literary scholar, kids. I went to art school. I drink wine out of a coffee mug. I still watch cartoons on Saturday mornings. Needless to say, I'm not even a little sophisticated and my review style reflects that. It's pretty informal, even a little scattered. I try to bring my personality to my reviews but, lets be honest, I think I am a lot funnier than I actually am. Reading Profile: »» I have read and enjoyed books of all shapes and sizes, but my favorites are science fiction, historical fiction, and fantasy. I read contemporary, sure, but I prefer the ones that bring a bit of diversity to the table (gender-identity issues, sexuality issues, racial issues, multi-cultural issues, disabilities, etc.). »» I really don't delve into horror much. I'm just not that kind of girl (i.e. I'm a fraidy-cat!). »» I do, however, get a kick out of weird books. You know those kooky, out of the box, campy, off the wall, so bad they're kind of good books. Yeah, I love 'em. »» I do not shy away from taboo topics or offensive subject matter. In fact, I really appreciate authors that can deftly handle tough subjects. »» No matter what the genre, I like stories that are imaginative, creative, and thoughtful. A good plot twist is always a plus! »» Characters are key for me. If I don't care about the characters, I don't care about the story. My favorite characters are morally grey. Villains are often my favorite characters because their motives are generally more complex than the hero's motives.